1.The content of “Why an Ice Mold?”

We invented the “IceMold” in 2000, and started selling “IceBall,” which is the basis of IceMold. After that, we have made various special shapes of ice used at hotels, bars, and various events.
We are a manufacturer accepting customers’ requests by making use of the experience and technology that we have accumulated as an injection mold maker which we originally were. We have sold our products to various countries around the world since we started to sell our products. You can buy our products with confidence.

2.How we came to make IceMold

When I was a college student, I happened to enter a bar where a bartender carved an ice ball and served me a glass of whiskey with it. That was the first time I saw an ice ball. The way the bartender made the ice ball was so beautiful I couldn’t help but keep watching it all the time. But I remember it took a lot of time carving ice round.
I learnt for the first time that in Japan bartenders serve an ice ball when they serve their customers.

Years passed, and in 2000, I found a post on a bbs on the Internet.
It was a question asked by an ice shop in Gifu, and the question was “Is there an easy way to make a ball of ice?”
When I saw it, I remembered that experience from my college days and started to think of an easy way to make a round ball of ice with my father.
We thought up three ways to make a ball of ice. 1. Freezing. 2. Carving. 3. Melting.
At first, we chose the carving method as the first candidate and built an experimental machine.
The experimental machine was completed on a hot summer day. When we started to carve ice, the ice melted before the machine carved the ice.
I learned that ice melts more quickly than we thought. So we have decided to adopt the melting method and make a machine that uses it. It was easy for us to make an injection mold because we have been designing and manufacturing injection molds since foundation.
Because I majored in physics in college, I calculated the quantity of heat and considered convenience of use to make our IceMold that makes an ice ball by melting ice.
At first, it does not sell at all, but I still remember my excitement when an ice shop in Shinagawa bought it for the first time.

3.Brief History of IceMold

2001 Patent application 2004 Patent rights acquired
2008 Adopted in large quantities as novelty goods by a whiskey maker.
2010 Certified as a Monodzukuri Certified Product by the governor of Chiba Prefecture
2011 Received Silver Prize of 3000th memorial broadcast of WBS program “Trend Tamago” by TV Tokyo
2014 Adopted in large quantities as giveaways by a famous hotel.

Various shapes have been added to the product besides the basic ball shape since it was first sold. We have accepted many special customization orders as well.

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If you love your drink on the rocks, you must try an ice ball. Ice in the shape of a sphere has a smaller contact area, which melts slower and keeps your drink cold longer. This is why the most exclusive bars in Japan have bartenders that carve ice balls by hand. The Taisin Ice Mold yields perfect balls of ice every time. Suitable for bars, restaurants, or anywhere else that drinks matter.

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