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Anyone can cast ice with case using Ice Mold!

Ice spheres Ice balls

Ice balls made with Ice Mold have a nicer and more even surface finish than carvedice.

Ice soccer balls Ice soccer balls

Ice Mold can be configured to make ice soccor balls featuring script or logos.

Ice dishes Ice dishes

Non-standard ice forms can also be created.


Ice Mold Movies

Ice Mold Sample 1

This video is a demonstration on making ice sphere or ice soccer ball from Taisin ice mold.

Ice Mold Sample 2

This video is a demonstration on making ice balls with ice block maker and Taisin ice mold.

Ice Mold Mini

This video is a demonstration of Taisin ice mold mini.

About Ice Mold

Taisin provides quality ice molds which shape ice into balls or soccer balls easily. Ice ball goes extremely well with whiskey, until now we have provided ice ball machines for various hotels and sports bars. As the professional manufacturer, we can also produce other models according to your requirements besides the existing ones.

Why Choose Taisin Ice ball Mold?

Taisin started its business in 1965, and was known for its high quality and low price. Based on the traditional technology, Taisin invented ice molds. Until now we have sold over 5000 of ice ball machines. In 2004, we acquired the patent within Japan.



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