Taishin Ice Mold


The Best Ice For The Best Drinks

If you love your drink on the rocks, you must try an ice ball. Ice in the shape of a sphere has a smaller contact area, which melts slower and keeps your drink cold longer. This is why the most exclusive bars in Japan have bartenders that carve ice balls by hand. The Taisin Ice Mold yields perfect balls of ice every time. Suitable for bars, restaurants, or anywhere else that drinks matter.

  • The Original Ice Mold

    The Original Ice Mold

    The innovative Taisin Ice Mold. Elegant and simple, accept no substitute.

  • Customized Shapes

    Customized Shapes

    Soccer balls, baseballs, diamonds, hearts or your company logo? No problem!

  • Made In Japan

    Made In Japan

    Built with the finest materials, precision and Japanese craftsmanship.

  • More Than 5000 Sold

    More Than 5000 Sold

    The Taisin Ice Mold is trusted by over 1500 clients in more than 20 countries.

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