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Below is the instructions on how to use an ice mold.
With the correct procedure, everyone can make a perfect ice ball or ice soccer ball easily.


Items required to use Ice Mold

Block ice (slightly larger than the final ice mold)
A tray for water collection (to collect melted water)

Usage instructions

Prepare a bucket or a pot with adequate hot water. Dip the Main Body (Top & Bottom) into the hot water (Suggested product temperature- Skin temperature). The product will work more efficiently with frequent warm up.


Place the Placement board in the water tray with the Main Body (Bottom) on the top.

Place ice on the Main Body (Bottom) according to the guide lines.

Install the Main Body (Top) on the Main Body (Bottom) using the placementrods as a guide.


The ice will naturally melt with the fall of the Main Body (Top) and melted water will be collected in the water tray.

Molding of ice is completed once the Main Bodies (Top & Bottom)connects each other. Remove the Main Body (Top) after a few seconds.


Rotate the release lever 90 degrees, then remove the ice by hand once it lifts up about 5 mm.


Ice Mold Standard Specifications

Ice Mold Standard Specifications [PDF file]

A variety of other shapes, like soccer balls, are also available.
(Ice Molds for ice spheres with custom-made dimensions are also available)

Original shapes

Ice Molds can be configured to make a variety of custom-made shapes. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Ice Molds can be made with letters or logos.