Company Profile

Corporate profile

Corporate Name Taisin Production Co., Ltd.
Locations 1423Wanagaya, Matsudo, Chiba, 270-2232 Japan
TEL +81-47-392-1316 FAX +81-47-392-7121
President Nobuaki Kondou
History August 1965
December 2004
Recognition acquisition of small and medium-sized enterprise management reformation support method
Manufacturing item Plastic injection molding metal molds such as electrical equipment, medical equipments, and stationeries
Scope of Business ICE MOLD ~ice molding tool~ Manufacturing sales
Metal department goods manufacturing
(MC, wire, and electric discharge machining, etc.)

Equipment machine details

  1. Vertical machining center VN500:NiigataTeckousho (1)
    Distance 750x500x450
  2. Vertical machining center VM40III:HitachiSeiki (1)
    Distance 560x450x450 With highly accurate and outline controls
  3. Wire cutting electrical discharge machineM500S:Seibu Electric Industry (1)
    Distance 500x350×310
  4. NC type engraving electrical discharge machine EDNC43:Makino Milling Machine (1)
    Distance 450×350×350
  5. General-purpose electrical discharge machine24L:HitachiSeikou (1)
  6. 3D Milling machine:Makino Milling Machine (1)
    Distance 500×250×350
  7. Milling machine:Makino Milling Machine (4)
    Distance 500×250×300
  8. Milling machine:HitachiSeiki (1)
    Distance 500×250×300
  9. Plane grinder:Nikkoukikai (1)
    Distance 600×300×300
  10. Radial wood boring machine(1500):OgawaTeckou (1)
  11. Upright drilling machine KIWA (4)
  12. Lathe (1)
  13. Sculpture machine:Iida Seisakujo (2)